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Dare to Imagine

The goal of DEF's "Dare to Imagine" Initiative is to help Dare County Schools transform into 21st Century Schools! 21st Century Schools prepare students for today's highly technical, global economy. Students must learn to think critically, collaborate and be creative. DEF is helping students develop these skills by awarding Dare to Imagine Grants and recognizing 21st Century Star Students for their efforts.

The Dare County Youth Orchestra joined world renowned cellist Soo Bae on stage at FFHS for a public performance. The opportunity was funded in part by a DEF 21st Century Skills Grant.

Students need a new set of skills for their future - Dare to Imagine. Rote memorization is OUT. Thinking, planning, collaborating, communicating and being creative are IN. Schools are becoming "real world" where real life skills are developed daily. Knowledge is power, but it's how knowledge is used that really makes the difference.