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DEF's Passport to Higher Education initiative is about creating opportunities and removing barriers to higher education for all students

AVID Student Scholarship Application


Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Some students need a little extra push to fulfill their academic potential and set their sights on a brighter future. DEF is committed to doing more for these students through the AVID program, which consists of research-based strategies that work to help close the achievement gap and prepare DCS' students for college and career readiness.

In the '05-'06 school year, DEF and DCS joined as partners to dream of better outcomes for students who for one reason or another were not performing to their fullest potential. Just six short years later, in the '11-'12 school year, AVID was in place in every secondary school in the district, had nearly 250 kids enrolled in the program and saw its second graduating class with 100% of the students having been accepted to a post-secondary institution.

AVID is not a program for the exceptional or gifted student. AVID students are often average achievers who have the ability to excel academically. For any numbers of reasons, such as increased family responsibilities due to an illness, or severe stress from familial financial concerns such as homes being foreclosed, or just not having guidance from a parent that never attended college and is unaware of how to encourage their child, they are not performing to their potential. AVID students are, however, very intelligent and the support they receive from the program helps them build academic skills and a personal determination to set and achieve meaningful goals.

DEF is proud to consider AVID an investment in our community's future and has contributed approximately $250,000.00 to the program. DEF is also thankful to Wells-Fargo, formerly Wachovia Bank for their support of this program in its initial roll-out and implementation.

Selection Process

Students are selected to participate in the AVID program based on certain criteria. Most AVID students are would-be first generation college students with a good discipline record and the motivation to succeed in a rigorous and challenging environment. Students take the AVID elective course, learning academic skills such as note-taking and organization. Moreover, AVID students receive tutoring and are visited weekly by inspirational community leaders bringing real-life stories about the importance of succeeding in school.

Proven results

Nationally, 95% of AVID graduates go on to college and 75% earn a four-year degree, nearly three times the rate of similar students not exposed to the AVID program. Here in Dare County, we have seen 100% of the graduates go on to college thus far! However, because the first graduating class was just last year, we will not have data on college graduation rates for at least 2 more years.

Additionally, the entire student body benefits when AVID is in place in a school. All school staff are taught and required to use AVID instructional strategies such as C-notes and organizational notebooks. In fact, AVID is proven to raise the bar of academic excellence and achievement for all students in schools where it is implemented.

For more information on this research-based program, visit http://www.avidonline.org.

Passport Scholarships

DEF awards two types of scholarships related to the AVID program.


AVID Student Scholarships

AVID Student Scholarships are awarded annually to AVID graduating Seniors at every high school in the district.

Previous Award Winners

AVID Tutor Scholarships

AVID Tutor Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors (whether enrolled in the AVID program or not) who have tutored AVID students for a minimum of 35 hours during high school.

Paving The Path

The first group of AVID students began as 7th graders at MMS and graduated from Manteo High School in 2011. AVID is now in place in grades 6-12 in every Dare County School.