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Dare to Inspire

Dare to Inspire is all about Excellent Teachers.

We're proud to introduce Dare County's 2016-2017 Teachers of the Year [from top, left]:
The eleven educators were recognized with a dinner sponsored by the Board of Education, Dare Education Foundation (DEF), and TowneBank OBX on September 7th at Pamlico Jack's in Nags Head. In addition to the Superintendent, honorees, their guests, and school principals, the dinner is attended by members of the Board of Education - Chair Bea Basnight with Vice-Chair Margaret Lawler; members Mary Ellon Ballance, Ben Sproul, Joe Tauber and David Twiddy; Chief Operating Officer Trip Hobbs, representatives from program sponsors (DEF and TowneBank OBX), Mollee Holloman - District Teacher of the Year for 2015-16, with selection committee members - Dr. Donlan, Chief Academic Officer Margie Parker, Director of Secondary Instruction Arty Tillett, and DEF Executive Director Elisabeth Silverthorne. All from left, top - Liv Cook, First Flight Middle School; Adam Sakers, Kitty Hawk Elementary School; Kevin Cox, Dare County Alternative School; Laura Daniels, Nags Head Elementary School; Lisa Duke, First Flight High School; Cam Stallings, Manteo Elementary School; Kelsey Oglesby, Manteo Middle School; Emile Cumpston, Manteo High School; Meredith Wilson, Cape Hatteras Elementary School; Amy Berry, First Flight Elementary School, and Tracy Salmon, Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies.

Like you, the Dare Education Foundation (DEF) wants only the best for our students. A close teacher-student relationship, combined with model teaching strategies, produces successful students who develop a lifelong love for learning.

To foster teacher success and student accomplishment, the DEF has created Teacher Academy, which celebrates the teaching profession and supports Dare County Schools' (DCS) staff development and continuing education. The main goal of this initiative is to help DCS recruit, retain and train high-quality teachers.

For inquiries, please contact us at (252) 255-5545 or via our contact form

With priority given to our current members, the DEF assists with tuition reimbursement for teachers and teacher assistants who complete courses directly enhancing their teaching ability - polishing their skills or learning new classroom strategies. At a time when all other state and local tuition reimbursement assistance has evaporated and the teaching profession faces many new challenges, this assistance has become all the more valuable.

TEACHER'S CORNER - Tuition Reimbursement

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DEF has been proud to host the Excellence in Education Celebration for the last 5 years thanks to the generous sponsorships of Dominion and East Carolina Bank.

Because our mission is to promote excellence in education through active partnership with the community, this is our opportunity to honor the Volunteers of the Year, Business Partners of the Year and Teachers of the Year as chosen by each school.

At this celebration, DEF also recognizes an individual or organization that has made a lasting impact on the students of Dare County Schools based on its consistent leadership in the field of education and its generous support of DEF programs.
Staff Development

DEF helps teachers that are current members earn and keep their National Board Certification. As a result, Dare County leads the country with 25% of teachers holding this professional distinction. In an economic climate where teachers have not received a raise in 4 years and teacher satisfaction is at an all-time low, this credential has been the only path to a pay increase and the initiative shown by these candidates over the grueling 9+ month portfolio and examination process is inspiring and is directly and positively impacting our children's education.

TEACHER'S CORNER - National Board Certification Reimbursement

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DEF honors our professional educators by co-hosting a Teacher of the Year Dinner and a Retirement Dinner annually with DCS. Additionally, DEF hosts a reception for Nationally Board Certified Teachers and Applicants each year.

At the Annual Teacher of the Year Dinner, the district Teacher of the Year is awarded $1,000 to attend the conference of his or her choice.

For more info about any of these programs, please contact us at 252.255.5545 or via our contact form.