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Dare Education Foundation

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Dare to Imagine

Dare to Inspire

Dare to Succeed

Welcome to the Dare Education Foundation!

We believe Synergy = Student SUCCESS! To that end, our goal is to effectively utilize our community's resources to nurture innovation and continuous improvement in public education.

Join us in supporting every student, every teacher and every school in Dare County. Together, we can close the achievement gap and touch the future!

Our Happenings

Apr 28
NC State's Superintendent

NC State Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson's, Public Forum at FFHS at 7pm
May 2
Flying Pirate Half-Marathon Weekend

Flying Pirate Half-Marathon Weekend, May 2nd - 4th
May 3
Belk Charity Day Sale

Belk Charity Day Sale, May 3rd.
May 6
National Teacher Appreciation Day

National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 6th.

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In this video, you will hear first-hand from parents, teachers, the current Superintendent of DCS, Dr. Sue Burgess, and past Chairman of the Dare County Board of Education, Dave Oaksmith, about what the Dare Education Foundation is doing in Dare County Schools and why your support is so vital to continue this
work for our children's futures.Donate Now!

We are now proudly facilitating donations for Odyssey of the Mind and
FFHS' China Partnership!

To donate to Odessey of the Mind, click here. To donate to FFHS' China Partnership, click here.

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SECU Gives MMS AVID classes the @Work Scoop
As part of the North Carolina Business Committee for Education's Students @ Work initiative, Manteo Middle School AVID classes were visited by ...

SECU Highlights Students @ Work Week at Manteo Middle School
On March 7th, Manteo Middle School AVID site coordinator, seventh grade social studies teacher Laura Whitt delivered letters written by MMS 6th, 7th, and 8th grade AVID students to express appreciation for ...

Port O' Call Kitchen Creates Dining Masterpiece for AVID Students ...
Since the initial project began, all of the students participating in the AVID program graduating in Dare County schools have been accepted by colleges.

Donor Spotlight

We recognize and acknowledge that without the support of our generous donors, we would not be able to exist! DEF encourages you to thank the individuals, and frequent the businesses that so selflessly give back to our community!!! This area is regularly updated with just a sampling of our Donors. For a full listing, or for additional information, please visit our Donors Page.


Our largest annual donor! RUN FOR A REASON! Please see our OBSE page for more info!

E R Midgette Insurance Agency

Your full-service Nationwide Insurance agency providing Auto, Home, Life, and Business Insurance solutions.

North Banks Rotary Club

Service Above Self. Affordable Teacher Housing Sponsor.

Gateway Bank

Full-service banking center and title sponsor of the Gateway Bank Outer Banks Marathon Weekend.


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